Stow and unstow containers

Stow container

You have a large shipment and it is not possible to load the container at your plant? We can offer you the complete service.

  • Collection of the goods by truck at your plant
  • Calculation of the type of container needed for your goods
  • Safe packing of your container in Hamburg
  • Preparation of VGM for registration at the shipping company
  • Transfer the container from the packing station to terminal
  • Assist with export customs clearance

Unstow container

You are expecting a container from overseas but cannot unload it at your plant? We offer you the complete service.

  • Collection of the container at the terminal
  • Assist with import customs clearance of the container
  • Unloading of the container in Hamburg, as well as arrange temporary safe storage (inside as well as outside storage)
  • Load the individual goods onto the truck
  • Deliver your goods by the truck of your choice

Oversized shipments

We offer not only stowage and unstowage services of common containers, but are also able to handle your oversized shipments. Years of experience and expertise in this project area, makes us a strong partner to have by your side

  • Arrange collection and delivery of goods
  • Assist with export and import customs clearance
  • Stowage and unstowage services of special containers (flat racks, open top containers, platforms)

Container purchase

Do you need a container for your shipment, a dismantled container for your construction site, or containers for an upcoming project?

  • Assist you in the purchase process ing of all common containers
  • Advice you on questions regarding all types of containers – new or used.
  • Supply of Office and workshop containers
  • Container for International usage, with valid CSC sticker will be provided